Oregon Overseas Timber Co. Inc.

Oregon Overseas Timber Co. Inc.


Manufacturing & Distribution

About Us

OOT sawmill specializes in sawing and remanufacturing of Douglas Fir Clears.
Our retail division carries rough full sawn construction lumber + timbers, trim, molding, flooring and Douglas Fir bark.


OOT's rough full sawn 2x6" 16' used for a 18,000 sq ft addition
Douglas Fir rough full sawn 1x6" 6' fencing
Douglas Fir 1x6" Ceiling Stock with 1x3" clear trim
Douglas Fir 1x4" Clear, tight grain Flooring
Douglas Fir Gazebo made with our structural timbers
Douglas Fir beams used for wood frame house
Doug Fir 12 x 18" 20' clear piece used for a mantle
Doug Fir 12 x 18" 20' mantle piece installed
Douglas Fir compression / curly wood
Guitar made of our Douglas Fir fine grain clears
Doug Fir casing around round window
Doug Fir 36" diameter log used for spiral staircase
Doug Fir Select Tight Knot Flooring
Kitchen made with our Doug Fir Clears
Doug Fir exposed structural timbers
Doug Fir Dimension and Ceiling stock for a local sheering barn
Doug Fir Rough Full Sawn Dimension inside a local sheering barn