By the Sea Gardens


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About Us

Our company holds all the licenses, bonds and insurance to build even the most complicated projects. Geoffrey Smith is the lead supervisor in construction projects being our licensed general contractor with an extensive background in construction. Whether your project is large or small, By-the-Sea Gardens has the capability, equipment, and experienced installation crew to turn your landscape vision into a reality.

Design and Consulting
Our landscape contractor and designer, Holly Smith, has had a passion for gardening all her life. When she was just 16 she became the Arizona State champion for both floriculture and landscape design in the FFA. While designing your project she likes to incorporate what your overall needs are, ranging from ADA accessibility to safe space for children and pets. We like to solve issues with our working landscape such as erosion control, deer and pest resistance, privacy, drainage and wind protection while creating an affordable solution.


  • Design/Consulting
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Gorse removal


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