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Bandon, Oregon, on the coast of the wild Pacific Ocean, makes the idyllic winter holiday with its mild weather and stunning setting, and Bandon Beach Motel is the place to stay in Bandon. The motel is situated high up on Coquille Point, a a sunami-safe headland jutting out into the ocean, with wide sweeps of sand beach on either side and sea stacks scattered along its shores. From the seaside windows of Bandon Beach Motel, you can see the sun rise over the restless sea or watch it set in clouds of glory reflected in the sea. Winter days are often mild and sunny, and winter storms stir the ocean to a frenzy of crashing, battering waves. Minus tides drop the ocean so low that it becomes possible to explore sea stacks that, at other times, are surrounded by sea. Find sea stars and sea anemones, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and giant barnacles clinging to the far side of Elephant Rock, directly below the motel.



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